Where to eat and drink in Newcastle on a long weekend
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Where to eat and drink in Newcastle on a long weekend

Embark on a delectable journey through the vibrant culinary landscape of Newcastle upon Tyne, where every bite tells a story and every sip unveils a new flavour adventure. Over the course of three days, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of tastes that define this dynamic city. From the comforting embrace of traditional British fare to the bold and exotic flavours of international cuisine, NewcastleGateshead offers a tantalising array of gastronomic delights sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Prepare to indulge in a gastronomic odyssey that showcases the best of local flavours, hidden gems, and culinary treasures waiting to be uncovered.

Itinerary Schedule
Day 1 AM
City Centre Breakfast

Start your day right with a delectable brunch in the city centre at Horticulture. Choose from crowd favourite, Avo on toast or indulge in their take on a full english and enjoy a ‘Muckle Breakfast’. The menu boasts a range of vegan and veggie options as well. It is the perfect place to fuel up and start your day!

Day 1 PM
City Centre Lunch

For a laid back lunch in style, head to Societe Cafe Bar. Societe boasts a small but tasty menu of made-to-order pizzas and sandwiches. The cosy cafe is a slice of tranquillity off the bustling streets of Newcastle and acts as the ideal place to enjoy a delicious lunch whilst people watching in the heart of Newcastle.

Day 1 PM
City Centre: Tea/Dinner

The vast array of cuisines in Newcastle make it a gem for foodies, and Dabawal is one that shines brightly. Enjoy tapas-style Indian small plates alongside heartier main dishes in a stylish setting on High Bridge Street.The appetising plates are guaranteed to impress and leave you feeling satisfied.

Day 2 AM
Ouseburn: Breakfast

If you are wanting to discover one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Newcastle, make your way to Ouseburn. The Ouseburn Valley is a hotspot for foodies and Ernest is no exception. Enjoy a range of breakfast options in this down to earth cafe and sample their popular hash bowls. A great way to start the day!

Day 2 PM
Ouseburn: Lunch

If you find yourself in Ouseburn over lunchtime and fancy a quick bite to eat, look no further than Gingerinos. Enjoy handmade authentic thin and crispy stonebaked pizzas by the slice, perfect for a lunch on the go.

Day 2 PM
Ouseburn: Tea/Dinner

Ouseburn is filled with great dining options, including The Cook House. Featured in the Michelin Guide, this restaurant has a regularly changing menu that is seasonal and is the place to go to sample local produce in a cosy setting.

Day 3 AM
Breakfast: The Grainger Market

The Grainger Market is a historic covered market in the city centre and is a treasure trove of gastronomic delights, offering everything from fresh produce to artisanal treats.

For a quality cup of coffee make your way to North Shore Coffee in Unit 30 in The Grainger Market. Not only a place for great coffee, sample one of many sweet treats and sandwiches freshly made daily.

Day 3 PM
Lunch: The Grainger Market

In unit 5-6 of the Grainger Market, you will find a delightfully pastel pink stall serving up fresh bagels daily. King Baby Bagels make hand rolled, kettled boiled fresh bagels and offer a range of unique filling combinations, including a Geordie favourite Peas Pudding. The bagels are sure to hit the spot and fill you up for a day of exploring the toon.

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Day 3
Tea/ Dinner: Grainger Market

Closing at 5, The Grainger Market is a great spot to stock up on local produce to take home. Geordie Bangers are a well loved company within the Grainger Market. Adding a Geordie twist to sausages and burgers, take home some of the offerings and rustle up a delicious dinner.


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